mercoledì 8 settembre 2021

Piero Dorazio - Oltre la Forma Opening September 15th 2021 - Galleria Gracis Srl


 “We wanted to create art that would be able to become a kind of decoration, a non-intellectual accessible art, a new art based upon form since its content is implicit of the form and, thus, an attractive art that will attract people and pleasure”.

The Galleria Gracis will be inaugurating its Autumn season in the name of pleasure with a selection of Abstract works by Piero Dorazio (Rome, 29th June 1927 - Perugia, 17th May 2005) that will be gracing the rooms of Piazza Castello, 16 in Milan with creations of light and colour from the 15th September until the 26th November.

The works in the exhibition highlight the constant work undertaken by Piero Dorazio over a period of thirty years - work that was centred upon an expoloration of the infinite expressive possibilities of colour. The exhibition is set out in such a way that the imperceptible depth of the dense twists and turns of the lattice motifs is contrasted with the purity of surfaces defined by broad colour-filled backgrounds brought together in rigid geometrical shapes. The exhibition will be the confirmation of the skill of the Roman artist in being able to instil the absolute value of colour which, by totally resetting the use of chiaroscuro, retrieves an identity in the variation of light by becoming light itself.

An explosion of colour emerges, an emanation of brilliant energy deprived of conceptualisms which, to this very day, is able to capture the spectator's eye, enveloping him or her inside a kaleidoscope of joy.


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